Bespoke Solutions

Dot and the Line can produce bespoke letterpress business cards, product labels, gifts and screen printed designs on fabric or paper. In the past year we’ve completed a number of commissions. If you have an idea for something you’d like, get in touch! Its also possible to book a slot at the studio to learn […]

A lovely review!

If you’d like to get an idea of what goes on in one of our letterpress workshops, Nadine from Craft Chatterbox has written a lovely review! She’s got some great projects on her blog, I especially love the metal etching!

Charity Prints

Dot is taking time each month to create a special print made in response to current events and references from the book of Matthew from the bible. Lou, who is the driving force behind Dot and the Line, also works for the Methodist Church in the UK and in this way she can combine her love of printing and […]

Coelo Divina

Coelo Divina from Dot and the Line on Vimeo. Lectio Divina is an ancient practice of meditation from the Christian tradition in which you lose yourself in a text, allowing it to speak to you in surprising and hopeful ways. Coelo divina takes this practice and adds in a responsive time of art journaling, using […]

Workshops are coming!

A full schedule of workshops in both screen printing and letterpress will be published shortly, in the meantime there’s the chance to take a Dot and the Line workshop in exchange for a small donation towards materials and some honest feedback on how it all went. Take a peek and sign up quick if you […]

New notebooks

It’s been a busy few weeks as we get going at Dot and the Line this summer. We’ve been busy sourcing equipment and suppliers, making, building, borrowing and taking lots of trips to B&Q. (Other DIY stores are available!). We’ve made a UV lightbox for exposing the photo emulsion on screens for screen printing and […]

Prints in progress

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy getting the studio set up, ordering equipment for screen printing and getting a lovely tabletop letterpress. It was a huge relief to finally get some ink out in the studio and start the process of printmaking. I’ve been working on some samples of prints and cards […]

Hello World indeed …

… and welcome to Dot and the Line. Not much to see here just yet but we’ll soon be filling up with lovely screen printed posters, fabrics and letterpress cards. Come back August 2016 to see the first items roll off our production line 🙂