Letterpress Printing

For your luxury printed goods we can hand print your designs on one of our Adana tabletop presses. This gives a lovely finish and makes each card feel special. There are two methods of creating designs with letterpress. We can custom design photopolymer plates with your chosen logos, artwork and fonts or we can hand-set vintage metal and wooden type from our collection.

Photopolymer Letterpress Printing

Using photopolymer plates allows us to custom make your letterpress design using whatever combination of fonts, logos and artwork are possible using Adobe illustrator. We then send off the designs to be made into a plate that fits into the bed of our press. We then hand print the designs. We like to use colorplan or other heavyweight card, we may, depending on the design, be able to add a little impression – the slight 3d effect you see on some modern letterpress products.

Traditional Letterpress Printing

For a real luxury vintage product, nothing can beat the look of traditional letterpress where we select type from our collection of metal and wooden typefaces and decorations and hand-set your design before it is hand printed. We offer letterpress experiences to those in Edinburgh where you can learn the process for yourself and create your own business cards, wedding invitations etc. We’ve also set poetry, created book covers and printed menus. The options are endless.

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