Photography for Artists and Makers

For artists and makers based in the Edinburgh area, we can offer a service that will take care of everything you need to set up your website, including taking photos of your work. If you’re an artist creating 2D paintings or prints or a maker creating small 3D products, we can help with creating lifestyle photos that set the scenes for your work and can take high resolution images showing your work in detail and with accurate colours for your online sales and submission to galleries and exhibitions.

Photos of your art

Using continuous lighting or natural light depending on the conditions, we can take photos of your 2D artwork, including paintings and prints and ensure that the colours accurately reflect your work.

Product Photography

For small products, we can create photos that share your work from multiple angles and show them on their own or with other items to give a sense of scale or to show how they might be used. We can create images against a seamless background or create lifestyle shots with carefully selected colours and textures to complement your work.

Photography for your Website

You make like to add some other photos to your website that tell a story of you and your work. These could include your tools of the trade, your working environment or your artistic inspiration.

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